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An annex to Gardena, the Moneta region had their own small town servicing Japanese farmers and their families before the war. In 1941, there was a Japanese school, a doctor, a dentist, an optometrist, a sewing school, a seed store, a fertilizer store, a hay dealer, a few listings for hauling services, and produce brokers. The Moneta Japanese Institute, established in 1911, is the predecessor to the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute, located at 1964 W. 162nd Street, offering cultural classes and programs for the community.


Dr. Honda

16407 Western Ave, Moneta

Dr. Okuno

16434 S Western Ave, Moneta

Fertilizer Plant of Fujiya

15931 Manhattan Pl, Moneta

Fujiya Seed Co.

16512 S Western Ave, Moneta


P.O. Box 319, Moneta

Japanese Missiyn

16400 Dalton Ave, Moneta


1636 Market St, Moneta

Kubota Auto Dealer

P.O. Box 246, Moneta

Moneta Nursery

17020 S Western Ave, Moneta

N. Wada Hauling

P.O. Box 637, Moneta

Numamoto Hauling

1721 W Market St, Moneta

Ota Fruit Store

P.O. Box 664, Moneta

Oura Nursery

P.O. Box 387, Moneta

R. Nogami Hauling

P.O. Box 375, Moneta

Sagawa Hay Dealer

P.O. Box 307, Moneta

Samura Trading Co.

16519 S Western Ave, Moneta