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Walnut Grove

Visiting the national landmark historic district of Walnut Grove is a stroll back in time to the charming small town, which overflowed with over a thousand Japanese at its peak in the 1930s. The town remained vibrant with workers in the packinghouses, who frequented the 6 boarding houses, 31 restaurants, and other businesses. While 86.2% of the pre-war buildings remain, including residential homes in “backtown.” Discriminatory practices kept the Japanese from owning the land on which their property stood, until a repeal in the 1999. The Walnut Grove Buddhist Church hosts an annual summer bazaar, offering a historic display and walking tours.


Arimoto Ryokan

1257 B Street, Walnut Grove

Fujii Garage

River Road and Central Ave, Walnut Grove

Harada Residence

1300 Corodon St, Walnut Grove

Inaba Store

14133 C Street, Walnut Grove

Ioka Grocery

14118 Market St, Walnut Grove

Ito Residence

14098 Grove St, Walnut Grove

Itoda Residence

1317 North Walnut, Walnut Grove

Japanese Methodist Church

14090 Winnie Lane @ Center Street, Walnut Grove

Kawamura Barber

14121 Market St, Walnut Grove

Kuwabara Residence

1305 North Walnut, Walnut Grove


1278 A Street, Walnut Grove

Maeda Residence

14127 Grove St, Walnut Grove

Matsumoto Residence

1309 North Walnut, Walnut Grove

Mixtani Dry Goods

14122 Market St, Walnut Grove

Mizutani Residence

14070 Winnie Lane, Walnut Grove

Ochiki Residence

1313 Corodon St, Walnut Grove

Okada residence

1312-1316 Lord St, Walnut Grove


14130 Market St, Walnut Grove