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San Diego

Early 1900, Japanese found work in fishing, agriculture, and small business in San Diego. A settlement quickly formed by 1910 to include 5 hotels, 6 pool halls, 3 barbers, 2 bathhouses and several stores for the laborers. Continuing to expand, San Diego's Japantown boasted a population of 1,554 by 1940, with 3 churches, 2 Japanese schools, 2 pool halls, 5 hotels, 15 restaurants, 11 markets, 6 produce stands, 3 cleaners, and over a dozen other businesses. Numerous buildings still stand from the former Japantown, ,overlapping with the historic Chinatown and Gaslamp District, yet their history is little known. The Japanese American Hitorical Society of San Diego has made great strides in sharing the community's heritage to a broader audience.


Sato Bros. Market #2

307 University Ave, San Diego

Star Cleaner

1317 Market St, San Diego

Sunrise Cleaner

3510 Adams Ave, San Diego

Takeda DDS

506 5th Ave, San Diego

Tenrikyo Balboa Church

2856 Imperial Ave, San Diego

Tokyo Fruit Market

433 University Ave, San Diego

United Produce Co

2670 Island Ave, San Diego