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Located south of Los Angeles, Gardena valley's temperate climate allowed Japanese immigrants engaged in to thrive, particularly as berry growers. A Japantown formed along Western Ave and Gardena Blvd and by 1941, there were 20 nurseries, 9 produce, 4 hauling, 3 fertilizer and 2 seed stores that represented the flourishing businesses. Farming gave way to urban development and many Nikkei found work as gardeners after the war. Although very little is left of the former town, Yamada Company, represents the transition from farming to gardening, as the former fertilizer business shifted to a lawnmower and supplies store.


Star Tofu

927 Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena

T. Mochidome Hauling

15469-B S Western Ave, Gardena

T. Yamashiro, Hauling

1212 W 161st St, Gardena

Tabata Produce Broker

923 Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena

Toshima Furniture Store

15475 S Western Ave, Gardena


15413 S Western Ave, Gardena

West Jefferson Nursery

1121 Magnolia Ave, Gardena

Yamada Florist

Rt 2, Box 357-D, Gardena

Yamada Flower Garden

14500 S Vermont Ave, Gardena

Yamatoya Provision Store

15465 S Western Ave, Gardena


15469-B S Western Ave, Gardena

Yoshida Midwife

15803 S Western Ave, Gardena

Yoshimoto Nursery

924 Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena

Yoshimura Nursery

15017 Budlong, Gardena